We have an ongoing relationship with Trinity Hospice and Brian House.  Our work helps to provide the right environment within which this great organisation can provide the on-going palliative care and support they provide to their Clients young and old.

This most recent project was the refurbishment of existing buildings into a special place specifically for the younger patients to make their stay as comfortable and homely as possible.  The work needed to be undertaken with huge amounts of care and attention so as not to disturb those who were receiving specialist treatment.

When Trinity Hospice and Brian House Children’s Hospice received a Certificate of Practical Completion (right on time - to the very day) on 13 June 2014 it marked the end of the biggest modernisation and refurbishment in the hospice’s 30 year history.

The actual on-site building project took seven months, but planning and fundraising had started well in advance with the aim of producing an environment that was the very best it could be both for patients on the adult unit and for the youngsters at Brian House Children’s Hospice.  The work was completed on time and to budget.

Trinity and Brian House are open 24/7, every day of the year, so closure during the works was never an option. Instead, the work was scheduled in two phases, enabling part of the unit to be closed, but allowing ‘business pretty much as usual’ elsewhere.