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Meet our experienced family team

David has been the Head of the Company since the 1970’s, David’s knowledge borne from his experience is second to none - he knows everything about building construction, he is both a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered member of the Institute of Building. Outside of the work environment David enjoys restoring Vintage Cars.
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Managing Director
Paul is the glue that holds the Company together. He has been with the Company since the 1980’s and ensures that all the constituent components of the Company pull in the right direction. He looks after everyone and everything, he drinks sweet strong black coffee and supports Blackpool Football Club.
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Finance Director
Jeremy is a Chartered Surveyor and before joining the Company 11 years ago worked for a number of national construction companies. Jeremy keeps very close control of the Company’s Finance and enjoys playing cricket at the weekend.
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We have a proven track record in providing an honest,
reliable service with no compromise on quality or service


Regardless of the type of proposed development – we attend pre-app meetings with the planners so that we can understand any particular problems and to offer solutions. We continue to work closely with our Client and their design consultants through to gaining planning consent.

Customer Care

Once the building, development or facility is finished and handed over we maintain an ongoing relationship with our Clients to ensure that the building, development or facility works in the way it was designed and in the way that the Client expected.


We like to work closely with the Architects and other consultants

We are particularly proficient at suggesting cost savings to Clients - suggesting different forms of construction, using different materials than had been originally planned or suggesting improvements to phasing so as to reduce the overall cost to the Client without compromising on quality.


We know that even though a proposed development has gone through the planning process there is still much work to be done to get the project onto site.

We do like to spend as much time as is practicable on-site with our Clients so that they can see the development take shape whilst at the same time ensuring that our construction sites are a safe place to work.