Community Cohesion

As an organisation based in Blackpool and operating predominantly in the North West, Tyson operate a policy of retaining local labour on projects closer to its head office and utilising local labour.

A recent development in Morecambe (some 60 miles from Tyson’s head office) – comprising the refurbishment of 27 properties for a Registered Provider, Tyson advertised locally in the press for local tradesmen and operatives to be employed on a short term basis. Tyson also used local electricians, demolition contractors, scaffolders and a specialist external façade contractor. Local suppliers for material to minimise any transport costs were also used and to minimise site accommodation a property locally was rented.

Tyson believe that good design promotes community cohesion.

With a turnover of approximately £30 million over the last 3 years 50% – 60% of that workload is with social housing clients. As such Tyson recognise the importance of good corporate responsibility to the local community and the need for ourselves to take a similar approach in how Tyson function as an organisation. Listed below are social benefits that Tyson employ as an organisation and that have been delivered through our schemes.

Many of the schemes Tyson undertake need to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3 or 4. Typically Tyson have to introduce to our schemes benefits for the occupants of the building and the local community. These include, undertaking surface water attenuation to minimise outfall into the local drainage systems and watercourses, encouraging the use of cycles by providing adequate storage, providing home offices to minimise the need to commute to work, encourage housing development in low flood risk areas, waste reduction, improved sound insulation to properties, provision of outdoor space to occupiers etc.

Tyson have a commitment to conserve the use of materials and energy

Accreditation for ISO 14001:2004 certified. As part of our ISO 14001 accreditation Tyson have a commitment to conserve the use of materials and energy both at our offices and in our site operations. Tyson have recently fitted photovoltaic units to the roof of its Head Office as a further commitment to Tyson reducing its carbon footprint.

The principles of the Considerate Constructors scheme are enhanced to minimise the effect on the local community of construction works. A pre-commencement letter drop to local residents and businesses advising them of possible impacts on their daily routine together with periodic newsletters to keep the local community informed of progress and upcoming events all help to maintain good relationships with the neighbouring community to ensure that the development is a successful one.

Local Regeneration

Attendance at resident meetings is a regular occurrence when Tyson are involved in regeneration work – as this work revolves around the local community it is important for Tyson to be seen and for mutual understanding to develop.

The use of local sub-contractors and suppliers helps to compliment the task of the community buying into the project, if they see and recognise local contractors vans then quite often their approach to periods of disturbance can be eased.

Tyson enjoy the links with the communities around its sites. Recently Tyson ran a safety campaign at a local school close to one of its sites and had a graffiti day where Tyson provided boards for the local children to provide graffiti art on, which were then positioned around our site in an attempt to engage with the local community. Tyson go into the schools adjacent to their sites to speak with the children and put up posters warning of the dangers of playing on building sites.

Employment Schemes

Whilst Tyson employ many of its own tradesmen, they are also involved with several employment schemes which are listed below :-

  • Every year Tyson take on between 2 and 6 joinery and brickwork apprentices depending on workload and other commitments.
  • A scheme which Tyson are involved with is the On Site Assessment Training scheme (OSAT). This is for individuals who have been in the industry, but have no formal qualifications. With this scheme they are assessed by the local college who come out to site and evaluate the work they are undertaking which allows them to work towards formal qualifications.
  • Tyson have recently been involved in ‘Blackpool Build-up’ which is a 3 year programme run by the Local Authority and the local college. This is local enterprise growth initiative where Tyson give work experience in building operations to locally unemployed individuals who are too old to undertake an apprenticeship.
  • Recently Tyson have been approached by Construction Skills to give site experience for 1st to 3rd year students who are undertaking Programme Led Apprenticeships.